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It's about getting even with the Car Dealers, right?

Wrong, I have nothing against car dealers or salespeople I think they do great work at a very hard job. Their job is to make the most money from every customer they can.

But wait, that's Evil why don't you want to help us get even with them?

It's Not Evil or in my opinion even bad. Their job is to sell you a car at what both you and the dealership consider a reasonable price. It's not their job to educate you on how to negotiate. If you pay full sticker for any car because you didn't take the time to educate yourself it's not their fault, it's yours.

But the Car Dealers Lie!

Do they really?

I would bet 98% percent of them are very honest. I know that sounds strange especially if you've been reading sites like this for any length of time. Most sites that talk about Car Buying and Car Dealers are what I would call "Fear Sites". They say "The Car Dealers are Evil, Bad, Corrupt, Damnable or Depraved" (Thank You, that every thing they say is a Lie and that everything they do is a scam.

That is a falsehood designed to get you to buy whatever the web site is selling. Car Dealers in the U.S. are highly regulated by the government from the federal government down through the state government all the way to the county government. Scamming you would cost them allot more than selling you a car would make them and for most of them it's just not worth it.

But my friend/cousin/sister says XYZ Dealership scammed/lied to them.

Ok, I'm not saying they never lie. I'm saying it's not worth it for them to lie. What you need to ask yourself is did your friend/cousin/sister educate themselves before they went into XYZ Dealership. Are they saying the dealership lied to them or scammed them because after agreeing on a price and taking the car home they then did their research and realized they paid $5,000 to much?

It is NOT the Dealerships Job to give you the best price!
OK, I'm going to repeat that, It is NOT the Dealerships Job to give you the best price!

It's their job to give you a price you find reasonable and agree to. They do this by getting you emotionally attached and making you want the car NOW. There is nothing wrong with that, any good sales person that you have ever dealt with has done this to you. It's called Sales.
You can start educating yourself by reading the steps I've laid out for buying a new car or the steps for buying a used car.

Ok, but you still haven't answered why your doing this.

To make money and market the site. It's that simple.

Right now my personalized price quotes are free while I work out any bugs and kinks. If people really like it I hope to be able to charge a nominal fee in the future.

You may also notice in parts of my site, mostly the car forum and car buying tips section, I have ads. I hope if they're useful you'll use them.

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